Day 116: Abergwyngregyn to Llandudno

Distance: 19.17 miles

Ascent: 3038 feet

Weather: Overcast & Showers Sometimes Heavy

Accommodation: The View Guesthouse, Llandudno (Kindly Complimentary)


The forecast for today was not good, but fortunately there was no rain whilst I was depitching. This had been a really good pitch location and would actually make for a great little hiking campsite. I was off very early about 6:30. The first part of the day continued as per the end of the day before, along the foreshore, sometimes on the pebbles, sometimes on an embankment, sometimes edge of fields until the little bird reserve.

From here the path soon joined a promenade which took me into Llanfairfechan. At the little lagoon there there was a slightly strange site of what appeared to be a man-made swans nest on the lawn next to it, which was in use with a resident swan and this had been completely fenced off. It was very unattractive fencing and I am sure they could have done something slightly more sympathetic.

This next part had intrigued me during planning as the road and rail heads through tunnels and the path seemed to criss-cross and climb all around them. In fact in reality that is what happened with the path crossing over a bridge into the middle of the two opposing directions of dual carriageway as they split to enter the tunnel, then climbing up and over the top of the tunnel following the contours of the rock face, before rejoining the road where it  emerges from the tunnel and crossing over both lanes on another bridge. It was quite a feat, whoever came up with this solution as though it was complex there probably wasn’t a safe simpler route.

I detoured slightly inland to have a tea at Penmaenmawr where fortunately one place was open, and in fact more importantly to use their facilities. The next part of the route was definitely not a highlight of the walk and was actually pretty depressing with the path wedged between the railway and the dual carriageway, and with the rain coming down it was not great. Fortunately after a couple of miles the path heads away from the railway and road and onto the beach just short of Conwy.

Conwy itself appeared very nice, with an impressive castle, and several impressive bridges going over the Afon Conwy. But my abiding memory will be something completely different. Just as I was strolling near the castle and taking a bite out of my pork pie, I was suddenly whacked in the face. Slightly dazed and surprised it took me a second to realise what had happened, a blooming seagull had tried to steel my pork pie but had actually just flown into my face, fortunately doing no damage other than a tiny cut. He turned for another swoop but this time I was ready, (PETA your may want to turn away now), and I timed my hit perfectly smashing him out of the way, now he looked dazed and got back up and flew away not to attack again. I decided to google Conwy Seagull Attack and what came up is hilarious, this council video (it is genuinely from the council) is brilliant (I have tried to attach video below but might not work)! It turns out it is a big issue around here.


After crossing the bridge the path follows a sort of promenade for 4 miles or so all the way to the edge of the Great Orme. I had though this bit would be very steep, as it is a steep high rocky outcrop but as there is a narrow road that goes all the way around it’s edge it was not to hard going. I really liked this bit even if it was still a bit wet, and there were some very impressive goats on the rocks some with ridiculous horns over half a meter long. After passing near the lighthouse (now a B&B), at Great Orme Head it was not long till I approached Llandudno.

Just shy of Llandudno there were 2 people climbing, the sheer face they were climbing did not appear to have many holds and it was incredible watching them. Just after this there was also a little cave where people were practising bouldering (essentially low climbing so you don’t need a rope.)

Then I arrived at Llandudno where The View Guest House had kindly offered me a complimentary room for the night. This guest house is lovely with beautiful views over the bay, my room is really nice with everything I could ever want and I was given a very friendly welcome.

A slightly damp, and though the route was not always scenic, good day. As I had left very early I also arrived early which is nice.

charles compton