Day 259: Hopeman to Garmouth

Distance: 13.90 miles

Ascent: 1164 feet

Weather: Overcast With Showers

Accommodation: Garmouth Hotel (Courtesy of Dad who is Staying)


I had slept well last night but it was fairly cold this morning. Today was a short day, I was expecting around 15 miles, so I had no need to rush off but with the forecast for this afternoon pretty bad I decided to set off early as normal and just arrive early at where I was going to be staying with my Dad for my rest day.

As I had pretty much pitched on the path I set of straight away on the Moray Coastal Trail passing behind a medium sized quarry on the immaculate footpath. In fact this footpath was far more spectacular than I had expected with the sun slowly rising and as I rounded the corner the lighthouse looked amazing with the orange sky behind.

From the lighthouse it was not long till I reached Lossiemouth where I stocked up on supplies within the shop. I must admit Lossiemouth felt quite run down to me, and though it had a few shops it felt a little dead. But the noise when the Eurofighter Tycoons took of from the very nearby runway was incredible it literally shook you to the bone.

I left Lossiemouth over a quaint footbridge, that as with lots of things had a Save our Bridge poster on it. There is a crowdfunding campaign set up to save it which seems stupid, the council would not let this disappear or collapse as it is vital to the town as otherwise there is no access to the beach on this side (for absolutely miles) and thus also trail to Garmouth.

Anyway, once over I had about 6 miles of beach or dune walking to Kingston. This was the point that the showers started, in fact the showers though not heavy lasted for pretty much the whole 2 hours along the beach. This beach was not as boring as some sand beaches can be mainly based on all the old WWII defences and structures which were fascinating. In fact, due to the rain, I took shelter in one of these shelters to have an early lunch.

Near a rifle range (I seem to have passed hundreds of these on my walk) I joined a proper gravel track which took me into Kingston. I continued following the Moray Coastal Trail until Garmouth where I would be staying for my rest day. My Dad will be arriving later this evening, so got a bit more luxury for this rest day in the Garmouth Inn. Before he arrives I have already got laundry done, drying stuff and beginning to get admin done.

A short, simple day and I arrived before the worst of the weather.

charles compton