Day 166: Grogport to Carradale Bay

Distance: 7.53 miles

Ascent: 1103 feet

Weather: Heavy Rain and moderate Wind during Walk

Accommodation: Carradale Bay Holiday Park (Kindly COmplimentary)


I woke up to the sound of incredibly heavy rain and fairly strong wind. I decided as it was a very short day I would wait an hour and see if things improved even if the forecast was for terrible weather till 4pm. The weather didn’t improve so I packed everything up inside the tent, just about managed to wriggle into my waterproofs in the tent and then just headed out into the heavy rain and firstly dropped the thermos back before coming back to deal with the tent. By the time I had packed the tent, I knew it would be soaking when I got it out this evening.

Loaded up, I set of up the hill out of Grogport on the road. The rain did lighten a little, and after a couple of miles I turned of the road and back onto the Kintyre Way. Once again like yesterday it took an interesting route up through the forest, and if it wasn’t for the rain this would have been a really nice walk.

The track left the forest near Carradale, and after taking another track down to the beach at Carradale Bay the sun unbelievably came out for a couple of minutes making for an incredible view of the white sand beach bathed in sunshine, with the dark clouds approaching again over the hills. The sun didn’t last and the rain returned halfway across the beach but I was soon at Carradale Bay Caravan Park where they had kindly let me pitch for free for the night.

The rain had held off to allow me to pitch the tent, and this was my sort of campsite with lots of little areas segregated of so it didn’t just feel like one big field, and a very clean shower block.

I walked to the shop to get some supplies, and by that point the sun had come out. This allowed me to hang things out to dry when I got back and I think everything will be dry by the time I bed down tonight.

A short, sharp day even if I did get a soaking, and I am now mostly up to date with admin.

NB - I only took 8 photos due to the rain.

charles compton