Day 083: Pembrey Country Park to Carmarthen

Distance: 17.84 miles

Ascent: 1742 feet

Weather: Sunny

Accommodation: Sian's Parents House


This morning I woke up and though there was a frost it was nothing like the other day. I was aiming to set off very early, so I could get to Carmarthen early and write my diary before being picked up by Sian at around 4 o’clock, which would allow for a rare restful evening. All was well and based on my watch looked like I would be packed up and setting of about 6:30am. Then suddenly I looked at my phone and realised I had completely forgotten that the clocks had changed so I had lost an hour, so would actually be setting of at 7:30am still early but not quite the same.

I really enjoyed the first part of the day, following the concrete tracks (presumably former military) sandwiched between the military airfield on one side and the aerial range on the other. With the sun slowly rising higher it was a really great start.

I soon reached Kidwelly which did not appear to have anything of note and I assume a fairly elderly population by the official elderly people signs that had been erected, and from here the route followed the quietish country lanes. The Wales Coast path actually diverted inland at this point for some reason but I decided to stay on the lane which both stayed closer to the coast and had a good surface even though it was a little longer in distance.

This lane rejoined the official WCP at Ferryside, a village that I strangely liked and appeared to have a great community spirit. I stopped at the Ferry Cabin Café for a little break and a snack which was very good value/tasty and the owner kindly also gave a donation.

From Ferryside the path left the roads and headed onto farm tracks. The sun was shining proudly, and I was really enjoying this part passing a whole range of different farms, some small, some large, some sheep, some cows and even a honey farm. Just short of Upland the path heads of the farm tracks and onto the fields and through a lovely little woodland before rejoining the farm tracks.

At Gellylednais the path takes a decidedly strange route. Literally through someone’s garden. It enters via a quaint gate through the hedge, then passed the trampoline which had two kids playing on it, down some garden steps, across the gravel drive and out the gate onto the road the other side. It seems very strange that the path comes this route, as surely it could divert around.

The path then follows farm tracks and lanes all the way to Carmarthen passing Croesyceiliog, the sun was still shining brightly and the scenery of the whole valley was beautiful. I arrived in Carmarthen about 2pm having been very efficient with the walk today. I was being picked up about 3:30pm so I wanted to find the cheapest place with Wi-Fi to enable me to start my diary and also have a snack and the obvious if not most luxurious place was Wetherspoons which was one of the first places I passed. I started the diary, before being picked up and taken to Sian’s parents house who had kindly offered to put me up for my rest day.

So a good, sunny day, and I have got the diary done early meaning I can forget the walk for the evening and just relax. Tomorrow on the rest day i will catch up on responses to people, apologies if I have been a bit slow getting back to anyone.

charles compton