WB 10: The End of the SWCP


Progress has been good this week, and  I am still on schedule. I have travelled from Appledore, Devon to Combwich, Somerset covering 115 miles & 26,854 feet of ascent.



I can't think of any specific hardships this week, other than the significant amount of diversions in Somerset which meant i had to increase my pace a fair amount. That's not to say that the walking was easy, just no issues I wasn't expecting.


South West Coast Path

Well after 34 days of walking on the South West Coast Path, I completed it this week at Minehead. This path really has thrown everything at me snow, ice, wind, sun, steps collapsing, psychotic sheep, diversions and many steep ascents. It has been incredibly scenic, and a part of the walk i have really enjoyed. My knees are now ready for some slightly flatter walking.


This is something that many people have asked me about throughout the walk. 'Don't you get bored' or 'Don't you get lonely'.

 In the case of boredom; the scenery, people and challenge of keeping everything going has not allowed me to get bored and i have in fact enjoyed most of the walk so far. That not's to say there haven't been times when I have wanted a day to just be finished.

In the case of loneliness it is a strange one. Loneliness was one of the big issues for me once the mental health issues started and I think the walk has actually made me feel less lonely. Part of this is meeting new people, part of it is interacting more with my existing friends even though I am further away and part of it is feeling connected by the diary. That's not to say when I'm in the middle of nowhere being battered by the wind and rain that I don't feel lonely, or in fact sometimes in general.

Longer Days/Flatter Walks

I am hoping that with the longer days and in general a bit flatter walks I will have more time to keep up with admin and also rest. The Mental Health Blogs will restart next rest day based on this, it was going to be this rest day but a rather major obstacle was found for Wednesday this week that I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution around.


I will be heading through Cardiff on the last day of the six nations, it will be interesting encountering this in my walking gear. I was just wondering if I know someone in Cardiff who could put me up for the night and likes watching rugby.

Daily Diary 

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Thank You

Specific thank yous:

The Bryans, Braunton – thank you for providing me with a bed for the night and a lovely dinner

James the Barber, Braunton - thank you for the free hair cut.

David Garcia, Ilfracombe – thank you for providing me with a bed for the night and a lovely dinner

Sarg - thanks for joining the walk for the afternoon and the room/dinner.

The Downings - thank you for providing a bed and several lovely meals over the two nights of my rest day.


Also thank you to everyone who donated last week, and all the kind messages that I received. 


The walk can be followed on Facebook and Instagram and any donations are greatly appreciated.




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