WB 17/18: Heading Back into England


Progress has been good for these 2 shortened weeks, and  I am still on schedule. I have travelled from Benllech, Anglesey to Skippool, Lancashire  covering 203 miles.



Apart from having to wade across a bit of mud flats, there were no other particular hardships for these 2 weeks. That makes it all sound to easy I should probably add some drama into the mix. 



I have now completed my first country, Wales, which took 45 days, and covered 845 miles. The average mileage was 21.7 miles per day excluding rest days. Wales threw every weather at me; snow, hail, wind, sun and even a little heatwave. The scenery has at times been stunning, and encompassed a whole range of topography from dunes, to marshes, to beaches, to cliffs,  and even a few high peaks. I have had a great time in Wales even if at times the animals haven't liked me. 


After leaving Wales I have reached the flatlands. These make for speedy walking though at times can be a bit boring for example the long tarmacked cycle route passing all the static caravans near Rhyl. I think I will have the flatlands for another couple of weeks though from what I can see on my OS map they look like quite interesting landscapes.

Warm Weather

I had my first proper warm weather of the walk in the last couple of days. It surprised me the effect that even moderate temperatures (mid 20's) could have on me whilst walking. I suppose because I am completely exposed to the sun for 7 or 8 hours. I have been having plenty of water and applying sunscreen though if the temperature is any hotter at any point on the walk I would have to alter the hours I am walking.

English Coast path

There is no English Coast Path around the parts I have done since leaving Wales, though they must act quickly as the whole route is meant to be done by 2020. I am very interested to see which route the path does take in the end, and hopefully they do stay properly coastal rather than doing massive diversions inland.

Of particular interest is the sections that I will be doing this week, as there did used to be a Cumbria Coast Path a few years ago but in 2014 the council decided to stop endorsing it and asked OS to remove it from there maps. This was a very short sighted thing to do as they now legally have to form a coast path again. One big issue they will now have is that the permissive paths may have expired making it much harder to create a route. In fact I have found it hard to plot routes in many sections for next week and it will be interesting if i can stick to the plots I have proposed. I believe it may be one of the hardest weeks for following the route of the entire walk, on top of the very long mileage of almost 160 miles in 6 days.

Next Few Rest Days

As is becoming a slightly regular feature in these weekly blogs, I have got next weeks rest day sorted but nothing sorted for the following few after that. It is unlikely due to the locations, but if anyone lives or knows someone in New Abbey, Sandhead or Prestwick and is able to help that would be very useful.

Daily Diary 

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Thank You

Specific thank yous:

The View Guest House, Llandudno – thank you for providing me with a complimentary room and a lovely breakfast/packed lunch.

James & Gina - thank you for letting me stay at yours for the night, as well as cooking a lovely meal.

The Clark Family - thank you for letting me stay at yours for the two nights of my rest day, as well as cooking several lovely meals.

Devon & Tom - thank you for letting me stay for the night and cooking me a lovely meal.

Dad - thank you for walking with me and for the accommodation.

Kathryn & Lloyd - thank you for letting me stay at yours for the two nights of my rest day, as well as cooking several lovely meals and walking with me.


Also thank you to everyone who donated last week, and all the kind messages that I received. 


The walk can be followed on Facebook and Instagram and any donations are greatly appreciated.




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