WB 16: 1/3rd Done, 2/3rd's to Go


Progress has been good this (extended) week, and  I am still on schedule. I have travelled from Aberdaron, Wales to Benllech, Anglesey covering 170 miles.



With a lot of camping this week the effects of the ground being saturated were a bit of an issue. Even when it was sunny and dry due to the inherent dampness in the ground the tent would be sodden in the morning due to dew. It is very hard to dry the tent whilst walking, so I found the best way to deal with this was to try and arrive at the pitch sites as early as possible and get the tent up as quickly as possible whereby it would dry out fairly quickly. This works fairly well even if it was raining in the evening as the inner can still dry out this way and the outer doesn't overly matter. 

It may sound stupid to grump about shops again, but the lack of shops and the limited options and high costs in the ones that existed does make things a little harder. But it is just one of those things you have to get on with. At times it was actually cheaper to eat in a cafe than buy stuff in the local shops that existed. 

I have had a couple of issues with cows and bullocks this week. One of these was a little worrying more based on what happened after I had jumped over the fence to get away from them, when the cows spotted a ewe and lamb who had got into the field and stampeded after them, ending up knocking them both over and almost definitely killing the lamb and I did not stick around to see what occurred to the ewe. I have got a big fear of all fields of bullocks now.


CAmpsites & Kind Offers

I think it is clear how thankful I am for all the kind offers of accommodation from B&B's, friends, campsites and randoms. These really do make a massive difference and make things so much easier and smoother on the walk, and can really cheer me up sometimes if the weather is bad.


I will be finishing my loop of Anglesey tomorrow. This island has a little of everything which makes it so good for walking. Over 7 days the path includes marshes, mud flat, dunes, forests, estuaries, rocky hills, rolling cliffs to name some of the topography. The weather even behaved for quite a few of the days (though definitely not all of them), with hot and sunny conditions which were really nice. I think a loop of Anglesey would be a perfect hiking holiday for anyone who likes walking.

Brief Feelings on First 2000 Miles

Well after 2000 miles I think it has probably gone as smoothly as I could have hoped so far. That doesn't mean there haven't been issues with weather, diversions, animals, sickness to name a few. But going into the unknown I think my mileages and plots have been pretty much bang on and with small tweaks on route have meant I have covered the mileage well. 

Regards the weather it is hard to say whether it has been a bad year or not, as obviously I have never done anything like this before. I do though think it has been a wetter, windier start to the year than normal, and there has definitely been more snow and frost than normal. But hopefully going forward we will have a dry and mild summer.

Fortunately I am still enjoying the majority of the walk, even if there are days when i am being battered by the weather when it is far less enjoyable,.

West Coast of Scotland

I suddenly realised today it is only a month till Scotland. The West Coast of Scotland will be by far the most remote of the walk, and could be the toughest section though is probably the part I am most looking forward to. So if anyone knows anyone who lives near the coast on the West Coast of Scotland and may be able to help do get in contact. Thanks

Daily Diary 

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Thank You

Specific thank yous:

Towyn Farm Campsite – thank you for letting me pitch for free at your campsite.

Terry & Royston - thank you for being so kind (paying for me, cooking for me, driving me) for my evening in Cae Clyd campsite.

Pen-y-Bont Farm Campsite - thank you for letting me pitch for free at your campsite.

Outdoor Alternative, Rhoscolyn - thank you for letting me pitch for free at your campsite.

Rhianfa B&B, Bull Bay - thank you for providing me with a complimentary room and a lovely breakfast.

The Tiesteels, Benllech - thank you for letting me use your static in the garden and cooking me a couple of lovely meals as well as stocking the fridge with loads of food for my arrival.


Also thank you to everyone who donated last week, and all the kind messages that I received. 


The walk can be followed on Facebook and Instagram and any donations are greatly appreciated.




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